MGP Xcel Booster Club

Call or message us to learn more about the fundraisers and how you can help support the MGP Gymnastics Xcel Team!



            start date: July 1st

            end date: August 31st

T-shirt Fundraiser

            start date: August 1st 

            end date: September 30th

Mums Fundraiser

            start date: August 21st

            end date: September 9th

Krispy Kreme Donuts

            start date: November 1st

            end date: November 14th

Candy Bars

            start date: unknown

            end date: unkown

2019-2020 Competition Schedule

Our Xcel team would love for anyone to come and cheer us on!


November 16th @ Springfield Gymnastics and Aquatic Center

December 13th-15th @ Ozark Mountain Gymnastics

December 21st-22nd @ St Louis

January 18th-19th @ St Louis

February 8th-9th @ St Louis

February 28th-March 1st @ Springfield