We ask everytone to wash their hands when entering the building with soap and water.

We ask only one visitor stay to watch.

We try our best to keep the kids apart but younger ones don't always understand.

We have a playroom that is closed due to the covid.

If someone is sick we ask you please not to enter the building and schedule a makeup class.


DRESS CODE:   Boys and girls can wear snug-fitting gym clothes.  Remember children will be jumping, going upside down, and practicing splits!  It is preferred girls wear leotards, however it is not required.  All clothing need to be free of zippers, snaps, buttons, and/or large "bling."  No jewelry except stud like earrings.  Hair needs to be pulled back/up and fingernails and toe nails should be trim.  Glasses need to be secured, if child will be wearing them in gym.  NO socks or shoes. No food/snacks including gum will be allowed in the gym.  It is recommended your child bring a water bottle which he/she will be allowed to bring into the gym as long as it is filled with only water (no added flavor). 

MAKE-UP CLASS POLICY:  Policy begins July 2016.  If your child misses a class for illness or another engagement, you will be allowed 1 make-up class a month.  Due to class size restrictions, make-up classes will be in the form of a token for open gym/playgroup.  Tokens will be non-transferrable and will be good for 90 days.  You will need to turn in your token at time of use.  MGP is not responsible for lost or stolen tokens.  If class is canceled due to weather or instructor being sick, then a special class, token for open gym/playgroup

MULTI-CHILD/CLASS DISCOUNT POLICY: There is a discount for siblings enrolled at the same time or one child being in multiple classes. For example if you have 3 kids enrolled in recreational classes ($40/month), the 1st child would be $40/month, 2nd child $35/month, and 3rd child $35/month. Therefore a total discount of $10 per month.  This also applies if you have a child that is enrolled in a recreational class and the tumblers, for a total of 2 classes per week.  This is the only multi-class combination I suggest, other wise your child will be doing the same things in both classes each week.   

DROP-OFF/PICK-UP: It is important for your child to arrive on time to get the adequate warm-up and stretch to prevent injuries. Parents are welcome to stay and observe their child's class from the observation area, and encouraged for those parents of young children.  It is also very important for parents to be on time picking their child up.  Classes often run back to back, so there will not be anyone available to babysit.  Children will not be allowed to leave the gym including hanging out on the sidewalk unless there is an adult accompanying them.  If you are allowing your child to walk home or leave the gym without an adult then you will need to sign a form giving consent. If there are special custody issues or concerns over who your child can leave with then a form will also have to be filled out with that information. 

RESTROOM/BATHROOM:  Children that need help in the restroom will need a parent to stay for the class.  MGP will not be assisting kids in/to the bathroom.  Also only one child will be allowed in the bathroom at one time unless an adult is present.  It is recommended that children use restroom prior to class.  *NOTE: if your child will be wearing a leotard, please make sure she can manage it on her own when using the restroom.  If your child is not potty trained or learning, please make sure he/she has a pull-up or appropriate leak proof undergarment.

CHANGING CLASSES: If you are wanting to change classes due to moving up a class because of age or to accommodate your schedule, not a problem.  Class changes need to be done prior to the start of the month and need to be authorized by MGP to make sure the class you are transferring into is not full. A child can move up to the next class in the child's birth month. For example, if your child's birthday is August 10 then at the start of August, your child can move up to the next class.

BEHAVIOR/DISCIPLINE: MGP is dedicated to having a safe, fun, and wholesome environment for kids to learn gymnastics.  In order to have fun and be safe there are rules that will need to followed.  MGP will focus on keeping the kids busy, positive reinforcement and ignoring unwanted behavior.  As a last resort, MGP will use 1,2,3-Magic discipline method.  Child will get 2 warnings to change unwanted behavior (Johnny that's 1, that's 2)  and if child continues, at 3 child will miss a turn or sit out for a few minutes.  However, if the behavior presents an immediate safety concern for your child or another child in the class, it will be an immediate 3 and sit out/miss a turn.

WEATHER:  If the Mountain Grove schools are closed due to inclement weather, then MGP will be closed as well.  Make-up class will be determined and announced at the next scheduled class.  In case of inclement weather while at the gym, children will be escorted to safest area of the building for the weather.

PARENTS/SIBLINGS:  Parents are welcomed to stay and watch their child participate from the parent area.  No parents will be allowed in the gym area unless it is a parent/tot class (and then only one parent).  Also, siblings that are not enrolled or in the class going on will not be allowed in the gym area.