We ask everytone to wash their hands when entering the building with soap and water.

We ask only one visitor stay to watch.

We try our best to keep the kids apart but younger ones don't always understand.

We have a playroom that is closed due to the covid.

If someone is sick we ask you please not to enter the building and schedule a makeup class.


    Does your child want to work on a specific skill?  Needs or wants more 1:1 instruction?  Instruction will be tailored to your child's specific needs or wants.  Maybe your child is trying out for cheerleading wants to be able to do a round-off or back handspring.  Or your child is really close to getting a skill, cartwheel on balance beam, and wants to work 1:1 on that skill. 

    Add a few friends to make it semi-private and split the costs!  Appointment only.


30 MINS, 1-3 KIDS, $30

60 MINS, 1-3 KIDS, $54